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Forest of Love Newsletter

From the desk of the Forest of Love Forest Ranger:

Hello once again fellow tree huggers,

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and happy this year as the summer months wind down. This summer certainly has been interesting and exciting for both the Forest of Love and myself. We're very close to having 2000 trees planted, and every day there are new proclimations of love and friendship right here in the Forest. Usually the Forest of Love newsletter is about holiday plans or how to show that special someone that you care on Valentines or Sweetest day. As important as those topics are, and as important and fun as showing love for another person is, I'm sorry to say that this newsletter takes on a more serious note.

A very dear friend of mine has brought to my attention the plight of a Children's Center in North Carolina, the Yahweh Center. The Yahweh Center Children's Village provides Level III and psychiatric residential treatment, child placement, day treatment, and adoption readiness services for at risk children ages 5 to 12 years old. Due to a new series of laws being passed, the Center has been required to restructure itself. Because of the forced restructuring and the required financial responsibility of the change this non-profit center is now facing closure, which would force all of the children to the custody of the state where the care cannot match that which the center provides. This residential treatment facility homes several abused/neglected children for the purposes of therapy, recovery and offering a stable home environment. The facility operates as a psychiatric treatment facility for children with a variety of mental disorders who have experienced severe abuse and neglect throughout their young lives.

Portions of the faciliy have already been forced into closure because of a lack of funding, and the situation grows worse daily. The Yahweh Center, as a non-profit, receives all of its funding through the generous donations of American Citizens and Corporations, but this restructuring has unfortunatley caused expenses above and beyond normal operating costs. The situation is not good.

The good news is that you CAN help the Yahweh Center. We are currently seeking donations, of any amount, to help the Yahweh Center remain open and continue to provide care to the children there. Please send any donation to SODONATIONS@USA.COM via PayPal, or visit for more information about the facility. I know that folks who have a tree in the Forest of Love are loving and caring people, and I'm hoping that somehow we can help care for the children in North Carolina.

By the way, GrandParents Day is coming up on the 7th of September, so don't forget to show the love to Grandma and Grandpa... maybe you can even plant them a tree! If you already have the tree in the Forest of Love, get them a real one instead... I'm sure they'll love it. Until next time my friends, take care. Don't forget to hug your special someone today and tell them you love them, and thank you again for being a part of the Forest of Love.

-Ed, the Forest of Love Forest Ranger.

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