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Forest of Love - Tree #1701

This tree was planted on Sunday, April 20th 2008

This tree belongs to Myranda and Lorenzeo.

 More Information:

You are the love and light of my life. I enjoy you first, as a friend, then as my devoted companion, my partner, my love, and my cherished "right arm" for life. When I met you, I didn't think I needed anyone except God. Now that I have found you, I realize I have needed you for far too long.

Whenever I feel sad, you know how to make me laugh. Your faith in God and your ability to reach out to the world draws me ever closer to you. I can't wait until I can just be in your presence. You have a razor-sharp wit, as well as an abundant cache of talent. I am so proud of you for overcoming your obstacles, and opting, not to give up, but to chase and attain your dreams.

You are a beautiful person, both inside and out, and I consider myself blessed and dutifully honored to be your girl. There are so many things I want out of this life, and I know you have aspirations as well, but it's so good to know that we can take things to the Master, and he will reward us for keeping Him first in whatever we do.

In closing, if you asked me one thousand times if I love you, I'd answer "yes", one-thousand-and-one. I love you, Milk Dud!

Until the world stops spinning,
Myranda Diane Taborn-Davis (one day)

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