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Forest of Love - Tree #237

This tree was planted on Friday, July 27th 2007

This tree belongs to Nikkiesha and Jason.

 More Information:
Well,me and Jason aren't going out yet.I just have a crush on him.I talk to him alot and we are really close.His sister is my cousin's wife so I see Jason alot too.We went to school together.I first met him at the first year of my school.We didn't talk much because we were so young but as the years devolped,we talked alot. Then this girl called Sharad came along.She stole Jason's heart and all that we had was ruined.But the good news is that we started over and are going great!Although we are just friends right now,he treats me really great.Like a girlfriend.The best thing about being a friend treated like a girlfriend is that we talk about thing no lovers talk about.We talk about movies and music and stuff like that.We never get caught up in love.So all you lovers who think we're missing out on something, yes we are but remember, you have to be friends before you can be lovers!!!

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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