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Forest of Love - Tree #2503

This tree was planted on Saturday, February 14th 2009

This tree belongs to Jimmy and Michelle.

 More Information:
She is a dream come true. Literally. She is proof that Love has no end and no beginning but is a thing we can only hitch a ride on and hang on. She is eternal. She is beautiful. She is my Honey and my Chained Butterfly. She is what makes my life most complete and when she's gone......most empty. I can not imagine a joy greater than that found looking into her eyes and watching her smile. She knows the depth of me and does not look away. She knows the good and the bad. She is my Heart and Soul and everything in between. Of all the beautiful jewels in Heaven, God gave her to me. Every moment of life with her is worth an eternity of sorrow. I can't imagine a man loving so much and feeling so whole as I have felt with her. Words are a pale canvas for how I feel. So I'll shut up now. I love her. Four letters that mean so much in the life of an ordinary man.

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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