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Forest of Love - Tree #2844

This tree was planted on Sunday, June 14th 2009

This tree belongs to William Bradley Stock and Yomaira Maria Better Fuentes.

 More Information:
This page is for the friends, and families of Yomaira (Yomi), and William (Bill).

Yomi, and Bill are two genuine kind heart souls, who were lonely to find the one person in life that God intended as their soul mates. Both of them desired more than anything to share a love so deep and so rare, but just could not find that perfect special someone. Until one day came along. And with the help of another kind heart the two of them were introduced.

Here is how it happened;

Yomi was living in Colombia, and Bill in the USA. Bill could not find his love the perfect special someone even after years of searching. Yomi's story is the same. One day, Yomi called her cousin in the USA and asked her assistance to help find her love that she could not seem to find in Colombia. Yomis cousin whos name is Maggy agreed to assist her. On that very same day, Bill had thought to place an ad in Colombia to see if by chance his soul mate may be hiding there. Maggy read the posting Bill put out there and knew instantly that our paths should cross. So Maggy wrote to Bill in an email, and told him all about her beautiful cousin.

Everyone has heard the saying, "Love at first sight" but Yomi and Bill had "Love at first write". Since that first email, Yomi and Bill spent countless hours writing to each other to share and to learn all about each other. And as the writings became more clear, a love was blooming. And soon it over took the two with out warning. Yomi and Bill share a overwhelming bond fueled by love and deep respect and care for each other.

Yomi's love for Bill makes her feel like a little girl sometimes, and she suggested one Sunday morning to suggest to Bill to carve our names into a tree. Bill quick to want to satisfy his loves every desire sought out this forest of love to make another dream of his beloved Yomaira come true.

So to all that read this, please bless Yomi and Bills love for each other. And to Maggy we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for bringing, and introducing Yomi and Bill

Yomi & Bill

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