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Forest of Love - Tree #4634

This tree was planted on Monday, October 18th 2010

This tree belongs to Doug and Betsy Leigh.

 More Information:
On one of our dates, Betsy had planned on us going into the woods near her place of employment and carving our intials in a tree to commemorate our time together. When we arrived at the tree she pulled out the tools she brought to perform the task, which consisted of a hammer, a screw driver, and a pair of needle nose pliers. Thankfully the needle nose pliers also had a hidden pocket knife in the handle. After just a few minutes of struggling with the hammer and screw driver Betsy was ready to abandon the project. I assured her that we could make it happen and scraped off the bark and used the knife to carve the heart and our intitials. We returned this weekend, some 6 six weeks after, and found that the tree was healing nicely and our heart and initials were still very visible. This virtual tree was created to remind Betsy of our wonderful times together.

I Love You Betsy!

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