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Forest of Love - Tree #5980

This tree was planted on Sunday, September 25th 2011

This tree belongs to Christopher and Stephanie.

 More Information:
Dear the most amazing girl in the world,

From the moment I grabbed your boob to the moment you hit me with your violin, I knew I was in love with you. You grabbed my attention like no one ever has before. You know that saying right? Love at first sight? Yeah that's you...Only over the internet. I love everything about you Stephanie. The way you laugh, your cute giggle, your personality... you are so sweet, kind, and all the adjectives anyone could think of in the book of adjectives. I fell in love with you at that point and my love for you grows each day, every time I talk to you, every time I think about you (which is every second of the day) I love you Stephanie Marie Himple. I truly do, and I regret that I've hurt you so much and I hate myself for lying and hiding stupid **** that didn't need to be hidden or lied about. This isn't a letter begging you for your forgiveness... I know I'll never get that back, this is a real love letter for a girl named Stephanie Marie Himple, the best god damn girlfriend I have ever had... and I mean that. You are what completes me and I am sure I am what completes you. I hope someday... maybe not now, maybe not a week from now, not even a year from now, that you'll be able to trust me again...

Again, I'm sorry babe...
I love you.. I hope you like the carving... Those are our initials =)

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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