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Forest of Love - Tree #6325

This tree was planted on Thursday, December 8th 2011

This tree belongs to Jenny Walker and Scotty Walker.

 More Information:
When I first met you, I felt your name echo through my very soul, build and vertebrate through my spine. Somehow I always heard it in my mind, I knew it meant something. I always knew, deep down in my heart, I knew you held the key. I knew you were the one. A timeless beautiful soul, so beloved and full of vibrance. Even in the darkest of times, we brought eachother from the storm riddled onyx seas to the sparkling turquoise seas, bright as diamonds. With simple words, that is filled with more passion than anyone has ever used it. I'm rendered helpless by your love spell, a true man, so dazzling, glorious, radiant, spectacular, inspiring, enlightening.. it envelops me, to the point you fill every sense of me. I feel you in my blood, I taste you, I inhale you, I understand and know every thought and dream. When I feel our palms pressed tightly together, and our fingers delicately laced together, your embrace strong and unwavering, I see my unborn child in your eyes, I know at last my heart has found a home and I know it's going to last forever. You're my treasure and wings to life. Over this dreary world, my phoenix and pegasus, my guiding light. Yet there are so many more words, but to really tell you would take an eternity, so allow me the honour to tell you everyday through time that eternity of words. Allow me the pleasure to kiss those lips and unfold a fairytale. My dear treasure, my dear beloved precious husband, I will always love you within Aeternus Amour, unconditionally, that flame will never die, that I can promise you.

Youre loving and ever faithful soulmate and wife,
Jenny Walker

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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