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Forest of Love - Tree #7420

This tree was planted on Tuesday, July 17th 2012

This tree belongs to Kayla Yvonne Christian and Callie Leanne Burke.

 More Information:
We met on a kidschat site, insane? Probably. I friended her on facebook and we started to talk. Then I fell for her. We went through some time where we didn't talk much after one of our fights. And then finally, I gave up trying to pretend I didn't have feelings for her and asked her out. We broke up once and now we're back together. I seriously couldn't be happier. No one will ever understand how I feel right now. She probably doesn't even realize how happy I am. Yes, we are both girls and this is a long distance relationship. But I'm really happy and so is she. I'm madly in love with her. She's the most amazing and beautiful girl I know. I'll never let her go.

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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