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Forest of Love - Tree #7652

This tree was planted on Monday, September 3rd 2012

This tree belongs to Hannah and Ryan.

 More Information:
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived the most handsome of knights. There was no quicker sword or sharper tongue in all the land. The maidens of the town all secretly sought his hand but despite all the attentions and adoration, the knight remained noble and kind.

Often he and his trusty partner Boots frequented the house of the court physician where, as an apprentice, the knight learned the art of healing. Occasionally running errands into town, our two lovers may never had met if not on an ordinary day like this, something extraordinary had happened. While the knight was out distributing vials and collecting supplies he came across a lady of the court observing her father's trade. She followed a couple of paces behind the procession which allowed her the freedom to pursue answers to questions that lay within her interests. The two exchanged greetings but parted quickly, neither one daring to pursue the other.

But not two months later at a banquet in celebration of all hallows eve fate brought them back together. At first their meetings were few; a jousting match here, an occasional melee there. But as time passed and they learned more of each other the two grew fonder.

It was nearing the yearly knighthood celebration when the two began to wish for more. However the lady of the court dared not to believe that the knight in shining armor would fancy her. So she prepared to attend the ball unescorted with the other maids. But unbeknownst to her, the knight had gathered roses of the deepest red and had written a note in the finest calligraphy as a gift for her. He had the bouquet placed in the lady's chambers as a memento for her birthday. On the note was written simply, "Would you do me the great honor of allowing me to escort you to the ball?" So excited was she when she read the note that she began preparations for the ball that day.

From then on the two began to share more time together. When neither were occupied with their studies it was certain that they were strolling through town, picnicking amongst the trees, or taking in the street venders and performers. When the night of the ball arrived they danced together until they were both too tired and sore to continue. They were the first guests to arrive and the last to leave. Their summer holidays were filled with laughter and frivolity. But despite all this happiness it could not continue. For the one constant in this life is change.

Despite their love for each other the lady of the court was destined to further her studies in a town a full day's journey from her night in shining armor. Though they could still see each other neither could journey constantly back and forth. But even a force as strong as space could not separate the couple.The two sent letters and gifts back and forth every day just so that they might have the pleasure of making the other smile and reminding each other how lucky they were to have found the other.

The rest of the story is unfortunately a victim of time, however some say the two eventually parted ways, others say they lived happily ever after. But one thing everyone can say with certainty is that their refusal to give up or be frightened by circumstance can inspire generations.

Many hopefuls travel to this tree bearing the legendary couple's initials. It has been said that any couple separated by fate can feel their partner's presence if they touch the tree. As if distance no longer mattered and that their partner was with them always. Speculation and myth aside the story in itself is undoubtedly one of the most romantic.

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