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Forest of Love - Tree #7791

This tree was planted on Tuesday, September 25th 2012

This tree belongs to Emma and Dave.

 More Information:
Well, we met on a week long army camp in South Wales, UK. There was many schools there but we sociallised with his every night. Time went on as we were talking and laughing, and then when it came to the final night, I found myself crying. ALl week long a friend had had a crush on him and said many a time he was 'fit' but on that last night it hit me, what I felt for him was far more than friendship and far more from thinking he was just 'fit' i was absolutley and irrocibly in love with him. That night I couldnt stop crying, litterally I was uncontrollable, the 11 other school friends who shared my room were comforting me and telling me it was okay. I was convinced i wasnt going to see him again, and that was why I was upset, as he lives in the south of england, and i live in the north of wales. But we kept talking, about a month after during the summer he invited all of my friends, his friends and I to go stay at his house for four nights, and it was increadible! I fell in love with him all over again. I cant go a day without thinking about him and he is coming to stay at my house in about a months time. We know we love each other but he is waiting until he finds a car to 'formally' ask me out. Which of course im okay with becuase he admitted the other night he will stay with me until my dying day, and we are going to be happy like in the stories. I am only a young teenager and he is almost an adult but I am convinced this is goig to last for years. And I am so excited!

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