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Forest of Love - Tree #7926

This tree was planted on Saturday, October 20th 2012

This tree belongs to Colby and Devin.

 More Information:
So Devin, i know this is probably really corny to you, well, most likely it is. I just wanted to take time out today to write this to you. On the day we celebrate three months together. These have been some of my most cherished days, weeks, and months. Everything has not gone 100% smoothly for us but as a whole we have had the perfect relationship. And i think we will continue to have that. We just keep improving and getting better with each other. You have completely changed my life. As we look toward a future together i just wanted to take time to let you know how happy i am with you. How happy you make me, how safe you make me feel, And hopefully i do the same for you. The way you look at me is worth more than anything on this earth. I could die happily as long as you were looking at me like that. We have a bright future ahead of us but for just a minute, let's think of the path thus far. We've become so much closer than ever before each week and that is something truly special. Days from knowing each other we were already closer than most couples are in years. We are meant to be together and as long as we are, nothing can stop us. I am looking forward anxiously to the future just like you, but i want to keep things in perspective, to end this, let us keep a few things in mind for our path forward. #1 Love each other without filters as much as we can each given day. #2 Enjoy the process and each day, no matter what the circumstances may be. #3 trust in each other for even the smallest things, anything and everything. And with that i will just close this and say i love you with all my heart devin. I need you, it's hard for me to say in so many ways but i need you more than you need me. I need your warm smile. I need your determination to make my life better. I need everything you are. Even being away from you for a few hours during school it is like my life slows down until the time i see you again. And everything gets brighter. You are my world and i rely on you. And i always will in the future. You are beautiful, and so special. Happy Three months my special Devin.

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