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Forest of Love - Tree #7973

This tree was planted on Saturday, November 3rd 2012

This tree belongs to Lauren Hicks and Devin Mulligan.

 More Information:
Devin and i met on omegle (really romantic right *rolls eyes*) but he is the guy of movies only' which i find quite ironic since he is a movie fanatic! he is extremly funny, easy to talk to, very understanding, cute as hell, and all around a perfect guy!! we skype everyday and talk on the phone when we cant skype. he is 9yrs older but tht doesnt affect anything with us. the only thing tht kind of does affect us in a negative way is tht he lives in AZ and i live in NC so on other ends of the USA but i love AZ and used to live there and have wanted to move back so tht part works out just fine. we talk abut anything and everything and we ask each other all sorts of random questions to keep the conversation flowing. he talks of plans later on in life which include me which as all of u women out there know only men in dreams and on tv do tht. on most things we agree and somehow our lives jus kind of fit together as do our plans for the future. he is mature and well mannered from what i can tell and i cannot wait to meet him this summer :). after a week or two of talking we decided to date and even though it is long distance it could always be worse and we are making it work. one of the many thing i love about him is tht he is mature without losing sight of the kid at heart in him. i could go on and on abut the things i love about him and what makes him special as well as important yet rare in this day and age. he is one of those guys you can tell anything to and not having to worry about his reaction. most importantly i get to have him in my life and i cherish tht :)

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