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Forest of Love - Tree #8197

This tree was planted on Sunday, December 30th 2012

This tree belongs to Stacey and Becky.

 More Information:
Well me and Becky met online and became really close friends. She didn't live that far from me one two buses away so i was rather happy :) but then she told me she had to move to Kent while if an 8hour coach ride away, we'd never met so i was like "oh cool :)" anyway... May 26th 2012 was Bradford gay pride! I live in Bradford so Becky come from Kent to come to the Gay Pride event and slept at mine that night, at first thing were awkward because her friends were being a bit rude towards me and telling me to leave my mates for them... well i didn't! anyway, Becky left her mates and came around with me and mine :) it was so fun having a laugh showing her off to everyone (obviously i liked her A LOT) then after exploring the event we sat on a wall next to some fountains, talked and cuddled :3 she said to me "you owe me a kiss!" (i didnt but yanoe hehe) so i gave her one.. and at that moment when our lips connected i felt this warm feeling in my belly and my heart started beating fast i thought to myself "WHATS HAPPENING?!" yes... at that very moment i experienced love! I've never felt that about anyone but her! It was amazing i just looked into her eyes and thought to myself "you will be mine!" she went home two days later and we was talking still then i got with someone :/ HUGE MISTAKE!! we had a huge argument and didn't talk for a few days. But them days of not speaking to her i felt lost and hopeless! i woke up every morning and went to text her then clicked on she hated me :( anyway i finally got the courage to say sorry and ask her to for give me, and she did :) i couldn't stop smiling and again she was the reason! i split with the person i was with because i knew i was lesbian and i didn't want him haha! a month later i got with Becky :D July 2nd 2012- best day of my life so far!! she amazing :3 the most perfect person i've ever met :3 she still lives in kent but i wouldn't change our relationship at all! 6month (in two days) down the line and i'm still getting the love struck feelings a get when we first met :) i love her millions :D

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