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Forest of Love - Tree #834

This tree was planted on Friday, October 12th 2007

This tree belongs to Jessica C Beahm and David G Hughes.

 More Information:
I met David 5 months ago today ( 05-12-07). The night of our first date I was so nervous I could barely move. Until I got the call that he was approaching(we lived about 2 hours apart) the town I lived in and would be there soon. He drove past my house twice before he actually found it. I was still shaking when he pulled up to the back door and got out. The first thing I did was stand in shock because for once the GUY was taller than me. He just smiled walked around and sat on the front of his car with me standing about 10 feet away just smiling and shaking. I'm not really sure how it happend but some how he took my hand and pulled me closed to him and kissed me. That was the start of this beautiful realtionship. I'm so glad that we are together and we will be for along time considering we got engaged in August(08-10-07).

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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