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Give the Gift of a Virtual Tree Carving for Sweetest Day

241 days until Sweetest Day.

Create a truly unique symbol of your love this Sweetest Day

Each year, Sweetest Day gains more and more attention as being a day set aside for friends, family, and loved ones. While it is entirely appropriate to give cards, gifts, and candy this Sweetest Day, why not do something truly unique? Do something simple yet romantic, something special, something made just for your loved one... something created by you. A Forest of Love virtual tree carving is the perfect idea for that special someone this Sweetest Day. Not only is it a uniquely romantic way to express your love, but you create it yourself in only a few minutes... for free! Once you've created your virtual Sweetest Day gift, you can plant the tree in our forest and view it anytime you like. You'll even have an area within your account to send e-mails out to friends, and to notify your loved one of their special Sweetest Day gift.

Take a look at some of the beautiful trees that others have made for their loved ones:


Proof of Love between BEE and PEN
Planted: 1-6-2013

Proof of Love between ADS and BDS
Planted: 3-5-2009

Proof of Love between DC and KN
Planted: 1-16-2021

Create Your Own Unique Symbol of Love

It's incredibly easy and totally free. Forget cards, ecards, flowers, bears, or candy... create something intersting and unique this year. Make a virtual tree carving right here in the Forest of Love.
Carve a Tree

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