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Friends of the Forest

Friends who share our interests

The National Arbor Day Foundation - Inspiring people to cherish and plant trees for the benefit of everyone, the National Arbor Day Foundation's website has a wealth of knowledge about trees of all types. Join up and help them plant some real trees.

Whimsies Peronsalized Cartoons and Gifts - Think a personalized tree carving is a great idea? How about a personalized cartoon? Head on over to Whimsies and give the gift of a cartoon, because everyone likes the funnies.

Friends who may not share our interests, but are definitely worth a visit

None Yet Listed

Friends with whom we have a professional relationship - Personal homepage of the author of, Ed Zenisek. Showcases some of his art and other web design and development projects.

Notice that our link section is pretty bare at the moment. Want your link to appear here? If you have a site that you think our visitors might enjoy or benefit from, let us know. There's a reason we don't have many links though... we don't link for the sake of linking. Your site must have genuinely good and relevant content that our visitors would like. If you think your site fits that bill, let us know by emailing the ranger at

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