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Trees in the Forest: 15936
Users who planted them: 22896

Last tree planted:
36 hours and 9 minutes ago

First tree planted on 04/07/2007

16693 trees have been planted

A Unique Gift of Love for That Special Someone

Have a special someone in your life who means the world to you? Have a secret crush you want to acknowledge with a flair of true virtual romance? Perhaps you'd like to relive the days of your youth when you and your loved one would take walks through the forest and leave behind a symbol of your love that would last forever. Maybe you never got that chance.

Here at the Forest of Love you can create your own virtually permanent symbol of love... by carving that symbol into one of our virtual trees. It's as easy as taking a pocket knife to that old oak tree in the backyard, and a whole lot more environmentally friendly.
It's Easy:
  • Choose your tree species
  • Choose your layout and options
  • Add your initials and those of your loved one
  • Carve your tree and add it to the Forest of Love!
  • Carve a Tree

    Our Latest Addition to The Forest

    KP & BM
    Proof of Love!
    Planted 36 hours and 9 minutes ago

    Just a few of the trees in the Forest

    JNP & MPM

    Proof of Love between JNP and MPM
    Planted: 7-24-2015
    RP & BJ

    Proof of Love between RP and BJ
    Planted: 3-10-2012
    ANN & DEN

    Proof of Love between ANN and DEN
    Planted: 3-27-2008

    BB & AK

    Proof of Love between BB and AK
    Planted: 3-22-2016
    WMC & DTK

    Proof of Love between WMC and DTK
    Planted: 3-2-2013
    JLM & PAP

    Proof of Love between JLM and PAP
    Planted: 11-13-2019

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    "Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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