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Forest of Love - Tree #10325

This tree was planted on Wednesday, December 11th 2013

This tree belongs to Michelle and Nick.

 More Information:
My sweetest love,

It was a year ago that you were desperately just trying to see me and I turned you down over and over. Then you gave me a chai after a long night of studying and I didn't want to stop talking to you. You were already on the way home but since you were stuck in the airport I got to talk to you for about three hours before we both decided it was time to sleep. Tomorrow you are going home and I will want to be talking to you even more constantly and desperately than I did a year ago. You completely stole my heart. You pierced it with your beautiful love that I am so thankful, blessed, and honored that you chose me to share it with. You taught me to open up to people and not be afraid of being hurt. You taught me to trust and be more adventurous. You let me be a goof and not be worried I'd be judged. You opened me up down to the deepest vulnerability I could have given on this side of marriage. I am so thankful for you and all the love you have given me over the past year.

I miss you a lot but know that it will be worth it. Thank you for loving me so deeply. Thank you for teaching me and being just as vulnerable with me. Thank you opening up your emotions that you never shared before. Thank you for asking me to be a part of our life even though you didn't know where it was going.

I love you so, so much. I'll come home as soon as I can.

Your little lover

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