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Forest of Love - Tree #1111

This tree was planted on Monday, December 3rd 2007

This tree belongs to Chompers and Little Bigfoot.

 More Information:
My baby...
You are my one and only love and you truely inspire me to be the person i've always wanted to be- for you & me, together.
I can't help but think of ways to put a smile on your face... Because when i see that you are happy, nothing else matters at that point, because I'm happy too...
You are my everything & you have everything... My heart, my loyalty, my respect, and most of all... all of my love.
Every time i hear your voice, kiss your lips, look into your beautiful eyes... or even just remember any part of you with me... i fall more in love with everything that you are and remember how incredibly lucky i am to have you.

I miss you when you're any more than a half inch away from my entire body..and being with you can't happen soon enough...

I can't possibly be more sure that you are everything and so so much more then i could ever dream of having baby.
You make me feel amazing all the way around and i couldn't imagine spending my life without you there with me every step of the way.

I love you my little bigfoot velocichomper

I wanted to let you know baby, that your love means everything to me... And i love you with everything that i am.

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