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Forest of Love - Tree #11278

This tree was planted on Sunday, June 8th 2014

This tree belongs to Jessica and Bryant.

 More Information:
We met on OKcupid, both of us ready to give up on love. But, he found me randomly browsing and tossed a message my way. We hit it off so well, I knew I had found my other half. We fell in love so quickly, I thought it was crazy, but it just felt right. Still does. We are currently long-distance. He is in Florida, I am in Virginia but we plan to meet very soon.

As for the carving, The heart is jagged to symbolize our struggles prior to finding one another, and the star is sort of a personal symbol, I suppose. I said once that all the love we have, even a galaxy couldn't hold. and he's said many times I am his light. So, a star...something that burns brightly in the galaxy, providing light and love to my Bryant. :)

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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