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Forest of Love - Tree #12762

This tree was planted on Sunday, May 10th 2015

This tree belongs to Levi Thompson and Nadia Teo.

 More Information:
I would like to put the story I made of how we first met because it is funny how people can fall in love over nothing really :)

There was a lonely pirate king. He had all the riches of the land and any beauty to choose before his eyes. The king had all of this but he could not find happiness. One day while disguised as a commoner he ran by a young girl fighting off evil bandits from across the sea. From the moment their eyes met and he saw the elegant way she swung her blade, he knew she was the one who would bring him happiness. So the king began to walk beside her as a commoner, slowly working his way into her heart through friendship and hardship. Soon they began to sail the seas late at night discussing future plans of pillaging and their dreams of glory. The king had found his queen. Now the only problem was to find the right time to tell her the truth.. about who he is and what he wanted her to become. So one night while lost in thought he told her without thinking, scared of her answer the king began the tremble and thinks he made a mistake. The young girl says yes I will be your queen, the king is relieved and filled with joy. They sail off into the sunset headed towards unknown love and adventures. They live happily ever after
The end

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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