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Forest of Love - Tree #1461

This tree was planted on Tuesday, February 19th 2008

This tree belongs to Laura and Denis.

 More Information:
O.K. our first kiss.. . .
The for real last thing I ever expected from my friend Denis.
I mean I truly wished it, but I never dreamed,
then one night it happened, in the kitchen, it was pretty dark and real quiet, he was making me a drink when he turned around and tried to kiss me, I was shy.
He was so gentle and felt my apprehension. and then he explained to me that it had been 33 years since he had done this this and he just did not know how to approach me, and to please forgive him it was wrong but he really liked me.
I almost wanted to cry, it was so beautiful.
I think I fell in love right then but love was never so nice for me, so I really am scared sometimes.
All I can say is that right now I feel like all of lifes gray clouds have parted and he is the sun that shine through on me. I can not begin to understand how I deserve him but truly I am greatful.

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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