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Forest of Love - Tree #1615

This tree was planted on Friday, March 28th 2008

This tree belongs to Jennifer McGuire Ozogul and Kayla Sims.

 More Information:
Happy 16th Birthday, Kaylabugs! I cant believe its been 6 years since Ive seen you. And dont think that a day has gone by that Ive not thought about you, what you're doing, how you've changed, and how you're doing.
I miss you so very much and wish that I could talk to you...if only I could know where you are.
I've got so much to tell you, share with you.
I still see you in my mind as the little 9 year old girl with the big, beautiful blue eyes and round face with the smile that you can see for miles!
I dont know if you still consider me your mama, but I love you no matter what! I carry a little piece of paper in my wallet that you drew on for me several years ago. It says "You are the best mama in the world. I love you".
I love you, too, Kaylabugs and miss you more than you could ever know. So many people know where you are and none are telling me. If you see this...please, please, please, contact Uncle Steven or Grandma and Grandpa McGee or email me ebayaddict73 at yahoo dot com.

I love you so much!

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