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Forest of Love - Tree #1632

This tree was planted on Tuesday, April 1st 2008

This tree belongs to stacy and gary.

 More Information:
Gary and I were childhood sweethearts from seventh grade and on. We lost track of one another
after high school and 27 years later have found each other again and we will never let go again.
Puppy love? I think not since we seem to have been destined to cross paths at just the
precise time again and fall in love all over again......this time in a grown up way! When we were
in eighth grade, we went with his parents to his grandparents house for a gathering. Gary and I
left to take a walk down a gravel road where we shared a very intense kiss and said we loved each
other. We found a tree and carved our initials in it. The tree stood for all those years and was
recently cut down to make room for a wider road. sniffle!! We are now 40 and plan to spend
the rest of our lives together!

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