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Forest of Love - Tree #1987

This tree was planted on Saturday, July 19th 2008

This tree belongs to Tawnia and Joshua.

 More Information:
From the sweetness of your kiss
To the magic of your knowing touch
You are the essence of romance
From the openness of your sharing
To the deepest of your loving
You are the heart and soul
Of true passion

From the secrets behind your smile
To the private world
Softly promised in your eyes
From the wonder of your closeness
To the gift of your deepest self
You are every one
Of my dreams come true

You and I share something very special
Sometimes that felt so perfect
So right from the beginning
That makes me believe in destiny
You and I share something wonderful
It brings more joy to my heart
And meaning to my life
That I ever dreamed is possible
It’s something that has kept us close
In trust and understanding
Sometimes that makes me feel
Incredibly lucky, and deeply thankful
Something that will always
Mean the world to me
Our one in a lifetime
For all-time love.

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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