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Forest of Love - Tree #2171

This tree was planted on Saturday, September 27th 2008

This tree belongs to Destiny and Jeff.

 More Information:
Gosh i dont even know where to start.. well Jeff and i met long long time ago when i was like 12 or 12 or 13 we had liked eachother but he lived far away.. so when he did come to Ky we hung out a couple of times and i juz had this feeling like we were meant to be but i was like yea that would never happen he dont even live down here well one night at donnas b-day party we met again but where donnas lil brother johnny had the biggest crush on me his big brother Shawn threatened me n jeff to not do anything lol it was crazy.. but than down the road jeff moved down here and me and jeff was talking online sumhow n jeff toled donna he liked me n i toled donna i liked him n she came to me sayen will u go out with jeff and went to jeff sayen will u go out with des and ofcourse look at us now we deffantly both said yes.. So we started daten Jan 2 2004 and than had a baby girl on May 13 07 and married Sep 29, 07 but its amazing and i love him soo much.

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