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Forest of Love - Tree #2588

This tree was planted on Wednesday, March 18th 2009

This tree belongs to Shirey and Lex.

 More Information:
Ladies & Gentlemen
Here is my Love story

All I ever wanted was a love that I could cherish. And finally I thought God was kind and blessed me with Lex-my precious love.
Besides God and Jr. Lex u were my everything.And I truely believed God had blessed us to find each other to share the rest of our lives,our love,our hopes and most of all our dreams.
But our love was surrounded by doubts because we lived 793 miles apart, basically 12 hours 30 minutes away. And u couldn't wait for real love, instead u traded me for what ever the reason. I know that day in St. Louis broke my heart and for a while I stop believing in Love.
I bet 4 the ones who is reading this you r proably saying why is she writing that. I decided to share this - so that you want take your love ones for granted. No man knows when the son of God will come ,so please love while you can.Don't take your loves for granted because once love is gone you might never get the chance of real love again.My heart still bleeds for her and somehow in dew time I will find my way to Love again. And be able to give myself completely without letting this hold me back.
someday I hope when u r ready to let go of the game, and find love and love don't love u back. Please think of me. I hope God whisper in your ear and tell you let love go along time ago.And maybe she will be like you and hold a special spot in her heart for you.Like you told me.
Since we are not together I thought I would go ahead and plant my tree in the " forest of love", while love 4 you still burns in me.I wanted to announce my love for you so that the world would know to never leave the one you love for the one you like, because the one you like will leave you for the one they love. Also to say Happy 38th Birthday. I truely love you and not once did I forget June 22 your birthday. For now I must soar and find my own way. We never know when God may grace our lives with an angel that loves us " Uncondictional ".I am now ready to move forward, but in doing so I know I have to let go of what holds my heart.

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