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Forest of Love - Tree #2620

This tree was planted on Tuesday, March 24th 2009

This tree belongs to Katrina and Kaitlyn.

 More Information:
katie i planted this tree for you i love you very much you are so special to me i love u katie. you are one special little lady you are like a daughter to me if i had a daughter i would want her to be just like you.Kaitlyn you have touched my life in so many ways there just arent enough words to express the love that i have for brighten up days and nights u make everyday a brighter one.katie you sure are one of god's angels u are such a precious little girl may you always be happy and full of life may u always get what u want in this life because katie life is just to short to waste.i hope someday when you are older that you will find a good man who will love you the way you deserve to beloved.your mom and dad also love u very much katie and so does ashley u are a gift from god u are an angel and we love you.i love the way you make me laugh and i love all the times that we play and u say things that we say katie they are moments i will always treasure i will treasure every moment with you as long as i am here on this earth katie know this i love you no matter where i am i want u to know i love you always and forever.

Love Always,
Aunt Katrina

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