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Forest of Love - Tree #2784

This tree was planted on Saturday, May 23rd 2009

This tree belongs to a younglady and her myoldman.

 More Information:

Shut up! Don't laugh! And stop ur idea of teasing me now! I know this is a pretty lame idea lol but I bet u are smiling at the time,huh? haha come on...

Hmm... dear I know u are working hard for me. U always make me feel so special even though we are far. Thank you so much. But in few months, we will, right? hehe I'm so excited. The point is.. I know I didn't do anything much for u. I can't make all the way up to see u like u are about to do.I'm dying to go there, but I still can't, not now, u understand me,right? U did things I never thought u or anyone else in the world would do for me. Worse, sometimes, I make u feel bad. So I just trying to do things that can make u smile. All these stuffs maybe lame, cheesy, funny,simple little things. But I made it from my heart. :)

U remember, I always say I'm not sweet, right? I really am not dear, and I'm way far from the word romantic. 'Coz when it comes to the person I love or kind of attracted to, I become shy dear. U will see. I still can't imagine what will I be like when u are here. I might act abit snob, or I might be quite.. I really don't know. But don't worry, I'll recover myself after awhile (I guess lol) And I'm not good at expressing love, dear. lolll

But the thing that I really want u to know and remember it is - Mahal kita, ikaw lang. Iloveyoueveryday mydear.


ps. Dont be too jealous na! hehe

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