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Forest of Love - Tree #30

This tree was planted on Tuesday, June 19th 2007

This tree belongs to Gwen Smith-Warzyk and Robert Warzyk.

 More Information:
My DH and I met at a bar in the beginning of 2002. He caught my attention by being the only man there that could beat me at pool. Still took about 6 months of asking for my digits for me to actually give them out. Who wants to marry someone you meet at a bar, right? As soon as we started hanging out tho he swept me off my feet with his kindness. He has a great sense of humor and is one of the last gentlemen in this world, opening doors for me, paying without question, please & thank you. He loves me even with my frumpy-grumpiness in the morning (I'm worse than Garfield on a Monday morning). That's hard to find.
We finally got married last year, on June 3rd 2006. Who would have thought that I would move here from Germany and find myself a true Scotsman? Gotta Love it!!!

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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