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Forest of Love - Tree #3274

This tree was planted on Saturday, February 6th 2010

This tree belongs to Kasey Owen and Ankit Patel.

 More Information:
As a little girl I used to pray that God would send my soulmate
Even at a very young age I knew my life was incomplete

I longed to share my life with the one who could fill all that was missing within my heart
I longed for it so much that I many times mistook infatuation for true love and devotion

I blundered my way from one relationship to the next
Always ending hollow and empty, always left hurting, always despairing

Little did I know that only thirty short days before I was born
You came into the this same world as me

God had created a miracle within his miracles
You are a masterpiece; a true and rare creation touched by his hand

He took a ray from the sun and put the shine in your hair
He took rich earth from the ground and colored your eyes

From the finest silk he created your skin
And from the supplest grapes he brushed your lips

Making your lips taste sweeter than the best of wines
God made them just to be touched by mine

Then he made your heart as big as the sky
And he filled it with kindness, compassion and love

Purposely he left out the happiness and joy
He left those for me to fill your heart with all that you bring to me

God took two of the brightest stars from the nighttime sky
And placed those two deep in your eyes

So when you gaze into my eyes I can see
Those stars that shine and sparkle for me

Even after all this time, when our eyes lock
My knees still go weak, my pulse still quickens and my heart overflows with love

For throughout my entire life
There has been no one who has ever looked at me the way that you do

For through your eyes I can see into your soul
And when our eyes meet I can see infinite unspoken love, adoration and passion

I only hope that you can see the same unspoken emotions when you look into my eyes
For I know that you are my gift and my miracle in this life

Together our love story is one of the greatest of all time yet known to very few
Our love so strong that it will resonate through heaven itself until time ceases to exist

I know that I am but a mere woman who will always be grateful to have won your heart
And for only you my heart will always overflow with a love that has no words

Thank you Ankit, for you are my angel and you alone have saved my life
And filled it with hope for a brighter tomorrow and a love that endures forever

Happy Valentines Day,

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