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Forest of Love - Tree #3378

This tree was planted on Monday, February 15th 2010

This tree belongs to BENJI and MELANIE.

 More Information:
Never before in my life...i was as happy than i feel with u..from the moment i saw was love at first sight..well i know only for me..i love every moment we shared we listen songs together,how we sent 9 stickers each day in myyearbook saying how much we love each other ,when we see a movie we are seeing each other by cam 24/7 like if u were here even if we are being as far of each we share all..hehe..even we sleep together..u seems a babe when u sleep..i never see something as beautiful, and some times u smile while dreaming..and i love it..each time u smile im feel the men most happy in this world..i can say ur smile is my happiness hehe ,even if i love ur face when u get mad and how hardhead u are.. we are not married yet well we are in that site remember? hehe and we have already the names of our babes Ceri and Isabella i hope they be as beautiful as u..i hope we can be together soon..dont wish nothing more than that..just be with dream would come true..i get sad when u are not near me coz i need feel u close....i treasure each sec we spend together..we also argue and fight like every couples..but its just make us more strong..dont have to worry much when it happen..coz i know we'll always back ,after remember our seems silly things..we keep knowing more of each other , can talk about anything..coz u are the only one i trust 100% even if somethings hurt..i know all its gonna be ok ,u are all ,my world , the love of my life..i just cant be apart of u coz i never feel it before,like i cant breath if u are not i die without u ,from the day we was meet each other..till forever ull always be my princess..
love u mom

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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