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Forest of Love - Tree #3436

This tree was planted on Tuesday, February 23rd 2010

This tree belongs to Leigh Ann and Daren.

 More Information:
I love Daren so much. We first met in High school, he was a Senior and I a freshman. We really never knew each other, we just had common friends. 25 years later we reconnected and talked a lot through the internet. I found his emails to be funny and interesting and over a few months time we corresponded about 2 to 3 times a month. I moved to Costa Rica and he said it was somewhere he always wanted to visit. Since he mentioned he knew Spanish as well I told he should come. He had some vacation time and took me up on the offer. I was a bit nervous since we had not even spoke on the phone. I knew he was a Colonel in the Army and through some common friends knew he was a nice guy. I excepted to have a fun weekend with someone who spoke English and wasn’t looking for anything more. Neither was he. From the time he arrived until he left, I was completely in awe. He had grown from the typical High School Senior to an wonderful man. He is a complete gentleman and the kindest person I have ever known. We had such a great time walking on the beach, deep sea fishing and hanging out at the pool. It was the best blind date ever. He is the most amazing person. We made such a strong connection when he left we spent the next month talking through Skype and getting to know everything about each other. He returned for another visit. This time not as a fishing buddy. We spent a romantic week at the Volcano and hot springs. I fell madly in love. I returned to the US and we spent a wonderful month together. He left for what we hope is his last deployment to Iraq in January. I miss him so much and can not wait until the day that we can finally live in the same country!

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