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Forest of Love - Tree #3712

This tree was planted on Sunday, April 11th 2010

This tree belongs to Steffen and Helen.

 More Information:
Helens tree
First of all I want to welcome everybody to celebrate this special moment with us. For this special occasion I prepared a little speech, so if you will all allow me…

As you all can see, behind us is a tree. A symbol of strength, a source of life and above all an example of natural beauty.

The reason we stand here, and that we unveil this special tree, is the celebration of, and I have no doubt that you will all agree, an important moment in history.

I’m talking about a birth… Not about the birth of Thomas Jefferson on 13 April in 1743, the man who became the 3rd president of the U.S.A. No… It wasn’t just a birth… it was more like a miracle…

A miracle that makes the miracle of 13 April 1970 (when the astronauts of Apollo 13 managed to return safely to earth after being four-fifths of the way to the moon when the shuttle got crippled by the bursting of a tank containing liquid oxygen) look small.

I’m talking about the birth of a girl… a very special girl. And if her birth wasn’t enough of a miracle for you than the story of her life certainly is. It is a story full of obstacles and hurdles, but she never let it get the better of her, and she developed into this wonderful woman… a true miracle.

Helen, and I turn to you now, you are a very special person. No not just to me… although I know you always say that’d be enough for you. And me saying that gets a little blush on your cheeks, haha, but you really are special. I can’t stress that enough. And I know that most if not all here will agree with me.

A couple of months ago my whole life got turned upside down when I met you… Unsuspecting of the consequences, I said hi to you online… We got talking and although I tried my best to look like an idiot you somehow saw through the facades I used and saw the person behind it. It took some time before I revealed my true self, but I’m pretty sure you had already done that the very first time we chatted.

Instantly I felt so comfortable with you, that even to my own surprise, I shared my feelings and thoughts. Even my most intimate feelings flowed right out, it felt so natural and so right that I wanted to tell you all. I wanted you to know everything about me, and I felt I could tell you everything because I felt you understood me. You got me on a level I didn’t even get myself.

One by one you brought my built-in defenses down and filtered out my self-preservative little lies, and made me see that I really didn’t have to pretend to be anyone else and being myself was more than enough to you.

This tree stands for everything I see in you, like I said at the start: a symbol of strength, a source of life and above all an example of natural beauty. Like I know this tree will be around for years and years, I hope you will be around to be with me and for years and years as well. And I hope our love will be and stay as strong as the roots that keep this tree alive and standing.

And since you made a huge impression in my life I hope I have made an impression in your life as well. So in advance I have already made an impression in YOUR symbol, YOUR tree… Helen I Love You!!
Happy Birthday sweetie!!
(Your) Steffen

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