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Forest of Love - Tree #3797

This tree was planted on Tuesday, April 27th 2010

This tree belongs to Richie Cole and Aoichi Grage.

 More Information:
Aoichi Grage is, to me, one of the most amazing men alive. He's smart, funny and incredibly passionate about the things he loves. There will come a day when he will serve to inspire the younger generation and help them transcend from one chapter of their life to the next and the thought of him working with all those children makes me smile so much. I really am the luckiest man alive to have him as my love and to be loved by him in return.
Although he is going through some incredibly dark times right now, I can only hope he remembers how much he means to me and knows that no matter how dark it might get - I will always be beside him so long as he wants me to be. That I will do my best to guide him through the shadows to the dawn and to be his hero despite how I might fail at it sometimes.
A life without Aoichi is beyond imagining. It doesn't even warrent thinking about because I never want it to come to that. Not ever.

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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