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Forest of Love - Tree #382

This tree was planted on Saturday, August 18th 2007

This tree belongs to James Robert Anthony Proctor and Tina Ann Merritt.

 More Information:
I love you Tina and whether or not your dad does get the restraining order i will stay with you. your my love and my life and you always will be. We met at school and liked each other from the beginning. We started dating on December 17th 2006. i love her to death because she sees me for who i am not just the black clothing and eyeliner. we couldnt look any different in style yet that hasnt gotten in the way. our first kiss was actually at school. our whole relationship has been really screwed from the beginning. my parents hate her for some reason but i actually left my family and my life and moved to a foster home just so i could be with her.. i would do anything for her. thank you tina for always being there for me and for dealing with all the stupid crap ive done to you. im sorry for the mistakes i've made and i will keep changing and being a better boyfriend for you.

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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