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Forest of Love - Tree #3891

This tree was planted on Saturday, May 15th 2010

This tree belongs to Beau Tyler and Theresa Lynn.

 More Information:
I met Theresa five years ago in December of 2005. She was going through a rough time with a mean mean boyfriend (who also wasn’t cute and by "mean mean" I mean he's a dick!). I was her hero in shining armor...literally. I was a paladin on a video game. We connected in a great way. She really did like her boyfriend even though he was a stupid selfish arrogant ******* who liked to role-play. When you love someone you don’t always get to choose how that person is. Luckily for me she is amazing. With her really liking him I was able to get to know her better as a friend and she was able to talk to me. When it was getting close to the end between them I was the one she felt comfortable talking to and I took on that role with all my love for her. The more ways I was able to spend time with her the better and if I could help her feel better I wanted to try. He left her and I was able to somewhat cushion her fall and give a slight amount of hope to a very Pessimistic girl. By that time we had been friends for a couple years and I was you could say in her category of people she thought of as friends, and only friends. That being said I was the closest friend to her but she refused to let herself think of me as anything more than a friend. That left her ex-boyfriend being pretty much the only boyfriend figure she had. After a few months he would come back, she would get close with him again as if they were together but technically not then he would leave and break her heart again. This happened over and over again and eventually it started to happen less often and each time she was able to break away a little more. Now they very rarely talk and just recently after 5 years, she finally let me into her heart as more than a friend and I can’t be happier. I love her more than words can say, and I hope everything works out because I’d love to spend the rest of my life with her.

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