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Forest of Love - Tree #405

This tree was planted on Wednesday, August 22nd 2007

This tree belongs to Varun Singhal and Pragni Parmar.

 More Information:
Pragni, who I affectionately call as Sweety, has slowly but surely become an indispensable part of my life.We have known each other since last 7 yrs or so but its only in the last 2 yrs that we have really got to knew each other well. And what a journey these last two years has been.

With each passing day, my love and affection for her has grown so much so that now i am madly in love with her. During the course of these two years, we have laughed together, cried together, fought with each other but most importantly shared our lives with each other.

Sweety is one of the most level-headed and determined girl I have ever met in my life. Her dedication towards her career and her devotion for her parents is truely amazing. I have learnt a lot from her in the last two years and I always try to imbibe some of the traits from her.

The most critical aspect of our relationship has been the fact that we have hardly met each other in the last 7 yrs but still the bond, the trust and the relationship that we share has grown over the period of time. This is truly unbelievable because it is very difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship leave alone strengthen it over a period of time. And I give all the credit for this to you, My Love, who has endured all my idiosyncrasies, my sometimes irrational behavior and still continue to love me.

It has been an amazing journey so far and I know the future is going to be equally enthralling. I cant wait to experience that future and those moments with u, my love.....

Love You from all my heart


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