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Forest of Love - Tree #4649

This tree was planted on Thursday, October 21st 2010

This tree belongs to Drew and Katie.

 More Information:
Hey kbear,
I know your stressed right now and you are beating yourself up but don't. I don't like knowing that you are not in a good mood. Your wicked stressed out right now and that is completely understandable.
And last night when you sent me that video, how were you not being cute? you are the cutest person I have ever met. I occasionally look at the card you gave me and just smile cause I can't believe I found someone as amazing as you are. Someone who is just as cute as me and I can call you my girlfriend.
I think about you all day, about how I can cute be to you, and how I can make you happy. You are my best friend, my twin, my girlfriend and we are both wicked stressed right now. But who cares. I love the quick phone calls that turn into an hour and a half, and I love how we never get bored of talking to each other.
I just when you called yourself a ***** it bothered me, for more than one reason. I don't like it when my amazing girlfriend calls herself a ***** cause your not. I know I can't see you or see it on your face but I don't care I know you cause I know myself. The other reason was a person who actually turned out to be a ***** to me used to say that about herself.

and your not her.

Your amazing and perfect. Hands down, no questions asked. Don't ever doubt that ok.

I don't want you to ever think you are a ***** understood. Not to me. I don't care if you aren't being as cute as I am, few people can. :-) I know that once you have some time to take a break and relax that I will get something cute.

In the beginning of this year we promised to each other, before we were even dating, that we would pep talk each other through this semester. So far so good. We just need to keep pushing each other, and that doesn't change since we are dating now. I love going back and reading those messages and seeing where we were and where we are now. It truly amazes me to this day and I can't help but smile.

So I just got your text message after we both went for runs and I always smile when I see that it is from you. I can't help it. I have really fallen for you and there is no going back. I wouldn't change anything in the world right now except I wish that apparition from Harry Potter existed.

I miss you princess.


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