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Forest of Love - Tree #4668

This tree was planted on Tuesday, October 26th 2010

This tree belongs to Chrissy and Alex.

 More Information:
The erupting Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland disrupted air traffic across northern Europe and stranded thousands of passengers and one of those passengers was Alex. He came to Denver for a business conference that was in town and on April 15th when the volcano erupted he were stuck here in Colorado. At the time I was working at FedEx and it was just another weekend work day for me. He came in and had to ship off a camera in which he didn't even get to use. We began small talk about the delay and I began telling him about all the cool things he can do while stranded here in Colorado. I told him about snowboarding and climbing and he told me about snowboarding in Austria too.

I remember right away how striking his eyes where against his dark black hair. I felt good after speaking with him it made my day easy and I had a jump in my step. But he walked out the door and it seemed nothing more than a nice man with a lovely smile and beautiful green eyes.

Later that day I went to take the bank out and when I was gone he came back to FedEx and gave my co-worker his business card for me to have, on the back it said, "if you are ever in Austria and want to go snowboarding call." So having his contact information, I decided to try to email him and see if he might be interested in climbing somewhere or doing something while he is still here. He got back to me and we planed to meet at R.E.I (to get climbing shoes) 10am on April 20th.

Around 10:00 am I was rushing to get out of my house and meet him on time . Hoping not to be late, I had cooked myself an Indian TV dinner food plate (for breakfast) which I planned on eating in the car but on the way down the steps I spilt the bright orange, green and brown food everywhere on the white rug. So I rush to try and clean it up and then I get on my way (not the best start). Once I get there I see Alex and his friend Wolfgang, I explain why I am late and I get some tea before we head out.. Then I spill tea on myself as we are leaving (feeling completely clumsy I begin to drive the car) . At this point assuming he thinks I am crazy I just go with the flow and try to get us out of the city. Being a little new and only using a GPS all the time, I take us in circles, and then I proceed to take us on a one way road (no body was harmed in this story). We were laughing soooo hard about it, or at least I was! I had so much fun with him it was unbelievable. We went for a hike and then we decided to camp in April (I had brought all my gear "just in case")I called my sister to ask about a place to camp and she thought I was completely nutz to be camping in April in Colorado and camping with a stranger. So she just called us mental and then we decided to go anyway. We had the most wonderful time camping together. It sleeted and snowed and only brought us closer together that night, we had a fire when the weather slowed and cooked our tofu which had a gritty taste since most of them fell to the ground while cooking ;). While we were in the tent he was showing me a concert he had gone to, the song was beautiful. I remember he touched my back just putting his arm on me to keep me warm. We were laying beside one another face to face. I was looking at him and all of a sudden next thing I knew, was I had moved closer to him and kissed him. It was only thing I could do. He was perfect and I had to kiss him. And his lips where so soft. Everything about him..... :)

When I took him back to the airport after the next day he touched my hand in a way I can't explain and that I will never forget. After that moment I knew he was someone that I wanted to keep in my life. I cried the entire way home listening to the song he played for me in the tent- Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine. As for now we are apart visiting one another when we can, I hope soon we are together soon and maybe we will be perfect for each other. 10/26/2010 He is the man of my dreams.

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