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Forest of Love - Tree #4938

This tree was planted on Thursday, January 6th 2011

This tree belongs to Heather LeAnne Sheeler and Joshua Alan Danne.

 More Information:
baby u make me smile. u make me laugh. u make me happy when i want 2 cry.
u r everything dat i have been waiting 4 4 da past 11 yrs. u r da luv of my life.
i couldnt imagine myself wit any1 else @ dis point in my life. i wish i wouldve met
u a long time ago so i wouldnt have had 2g through all da **** i went through.
u r da best damn thing dat has ever happened 2 me. whn u r gone n not wit me my heart breaks every second.
idk wat i would do wit out u baby. i luv u so much baby n i dnt want 2 ever let u go!!!
ty u 4 making me so happy n feel sumthing 4 1ce in 11 yrs. i luv u baby

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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