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Forest of Love - Tree #5661

This tree was planted on Sunday, July 10th 2011

This tree belongs to Korrie and Max.

 More Information:
Max, You're my partner and You're my best Friend (and so much more). We are each-others missing pieces and when we fight or disagree,we always come out better, whether its in ourselves or in our relationship and I think that's damn special. I know a lot of people don't understand us, how we work... how it all works, but really, what we have is something very few people will ever experience. Its determination, not just commitment. Were determined, to make this work, that's love. No matter what, and I really mean, no matter what, I know you will be there to hold my hand, and help me through thick and thin. And I hope you know I would do the same. And whether its 10 miles or 10,000, I will always be yours, and only yours, not until death, not until times its self stops, but forever, eternity. Not a single thing in creation could tear us apart because youknowwho made us for each-other. he gave you a match and gave me a candle and the rock, so in darkness, we can light each-others ways.

I love you Max. So very much. You're my soul.I cant even bare to think of a world without you. I know you don't realize, but those rare times I see you smile, I melt, even thinking about you smiling makes me weak. When parents talk about their child's first smile, I used to think they over exaggerated... but now I understand, because I feel that with every smile you make. The same goes for the rare times I get to hear your voice. Its your voice, and as cheesy as it is, its the only voice I could ever trust.

I'm going to stop being soppy now, and finish this up.

I love you. Forever and always.
xxx xxx

(Ps. Slowly but surely )

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