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Forest of Love - Tree #6116

This tree was planted on Sunday, October 23rd 2011

This tree belongs to Brittany and Garrett.

 More Information:
When we first met, I knew that I could easily fall in love with you. And I did. From the moment your lips met mine, I felt instantly connected to you. Those sensations I felt throughout my body are ones I still experience today. Every anniversary we celebrate reminds me of our first night together. Some of my favorite memories of times we have spent together are walks along the beach - finding skeletons, guiding each other across rocks, and trying not to get our feet wet...dinner dates to Moes with our usual ccq, water, powerade, extra napkins, salt and the seat from our first Moes date...Those are memories I will never forget. From the day I met you, your eyes have become my favorite sight before I close my own, your lips my favorite taste and your hands my favorite touch. All of your imperfections are things that I love about you. To me, you are flawless - an impeccable specimen of God's greatest creation. Everything manages to remind me of you and the simple thought of our future together sends chills down my spine and puts a smile on my face. I cannot wait until the day I take your last name as my own and solidify our love in front of everyone we love. I imagine the love we will make and the children we will be so lucky to bring to this world. The ideas of marriage and children sound scary to most, but to me, I know that having you by my side means that I can face any fears and accomplish anything I dream of. Hopefully you feel the same way because I will always have your back. I may be small, but I will never let you fall down and if you feel like you have, I will be right there to pick you back up and make everything better. Garrett Dowd, I am in love with you. I have been in love with you since April 2, 2011. I continue to love you more today than I did yesterday, more tomorrow than I did today and more eighty years from now than you could imagine. You have my heart and as long as you do, I know everything will be okay.

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