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Forest of Love - Tree #6400

This tree was planted on Wednesday, December 28th 2011

This tree belongs to Jenn Ucci and Darren Fischer.

 More Information:
Once upon a time there was a big, dominant, powerful lion named Mufasa and he roamed the jungle at night restlessly searching for something to soothe his soul. He was missing something in his life as King of the Jungle and couldn't quite figure out what it was. So he immersed himself in games, flirting with random lionesses, smiling when warranted, and outwardly he appeared happy, content, everything a King should be, but inside, he was lonely.

One day he was playing Junglecraft with his friends, including the current random lioness he had been amusing himself with, and he came across in his questing an unusual sight. There before him, ruling over her own pride, was a silvery kitty with gleaming blue eyes and crazy amounts of curves. She smiled welcomingly at him and he found himself drawn into her inner circle and apart of her group. He of course put on the show for this unusual creature. Boasting. Acting all manly and strutting. Preening as his current lioness batted her lashes and acted all possessive. He pretended to have not a care in the world as the kitty watched covertly, amusement and knowledge sparkling in her eyes. Unwillingly he found himself drawn to her, and one day, over a pair of paw shoes, they smiled at one another, and their eyes met, and their breaths mingled, and so began the dance.

The days seem to fly by...they would play together, joke together, frolic privately, their gazes filled with unspoken words. The nights were spent their separate beds, in secret, laughing and growing closer, their attraction undeniable as the words became whispers, and their jokes became decidedly more sensual, until one night, unexpectedly, they came together...and everything changed.

Against his will...he fell in love. Against her will...she fell in love. They fell into one another. Two different worlds colliding. The young, handsome, King of the Jungle with the eyes full of secrets. The older kitty girl with her sad, knowing eyes and the guarded heart. They were an impossible match. But somehow, fate intervened, and showed them the beauty in the dissonance.

Through music, through touch, through words, through stolen moments and days and lazy endless erotic nights, they grew inseparable. Mufasa walked away from those that didn't really know him and kitty took a stand and walked away from those she knew to strike out with him on her own. They wrapped around one another, heart and soul, bonding, becoming best friends, lovers, One.

They faced trials, pain, strife. They sometimes fought and said things they didn't mean. They battled their individual demons together. They were passionate together. Headstrong. Stubborn. But they were crazy for one another. In him she found a protector, a lover, a friend, someone she could trust. And in her he found love, acceptance, peace, and someone who finally saw the real him and craved him as he had always needed. And together they found the doors of a hazy, erotic, sensual world opened to them, where they could explore together.

And that is the story, of how a lonely lion and a kitty fell in love...

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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