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Forest of Love - Tree #6549

This tree was planted on Tuesday, January 24th 2012

This tree belongs to Janet Barbara and Kraig with a 'K'.

 More Information:
Hey you :)
You just called me right before you went to bed and I'm so happy that you did. When you're happy I am're always there for me even when I'm having a bad day, tired, or when nobody else is there for me. You're really my superman in so many ways no matter how cliche that is (yupp i didn't bother to put the french thingy on the e). I'm not sure if you're okay right now or what happened today..but I just want you to know(even though I'm sure you do) that I care so much about you and could never dream of stopping to care. I've always wanted to carve my true love and mine's initials into a tree. There are a lot of thoughts that you give me, you also make me aspire, succeed, and in a way survive. I wasn't anywhere near complete before we were "we". My household situation combined with a lack of insight and needing to make everybody happy landed me in some tough messes. I was able to take a break and re-evaluate what was important to me, while still Iming you more than anyone else. I was cautious at first with talking to you and seeing you once I got back..I didn't want anybody to get hurt..soon I realized that we were becoming something quite incredible. Summer with you was a wonderful transition for everything but went by too terribly fast. Change scared me and it did change us a bit too with you living in the dorms and us starting school again. Soon I talked to about worries, like I had before..but we became stronger and I became happier. Since then I've known that I can confide everything in you and you can always make me smile when I feel gross, have tears and snot running down my face, or just don't want to smile. You've helped me grow so much (okay maybe not physically heightwise) and I love who I am around you and because of you. I know you're not the best at sharing your feelings..but I hope that I've helped you in ways too and that I'm still something for you to look forward to after days like today. You make me think about who I am and what I want to do and be, and how much easier all will be soon enough. I know at sometime I could probably convince you to carve our names in a tree like I convince you to do a million other things, but..I hope you see this someday..and that it makes you feel amazing and loved..because you are. I also love the time just laying with you..not saying anything(which is even can handle and love sometimes). Well as long as SOPA and PIPA don't shut down this site I hope our tree stays happy and healthy for more decades than one can count..similar to us :) I love you so much and don't know where I'd be without you, I am so lucky to have you, Kraig. ..even though if I wasn't with you I probably wouldn't be up late at night making this cheesy tree carving and eating a spicy italian sandwich because we talked about your four subs a few days ago..and I would actually know what was going on in school tomorrow, the 24th of January two-thousand-twelve.

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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