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Forest of Love - Tree #665

This tree was planted on Wednesday, September 19th 2007

This tree belongs to Kristina AKA Tina AKA Cat Monkey and Ryan AKA Sexy Butt.

 More Information:
This tree was planted as a reminder of our new relationship. It was picked because of the high strength of the wood and planted with love. It reminds me of our new found happiness and confirms the long-lasting joy that I know we will both experience in this new adventure. I planted it because trees last a very very long time and outlive most species, just like our relationship will. :) I know you think it's MO and I will probably get flack for it but I could give a rat's ass because I care about you and will let you know in every way imaginable. Even if I have to plant a damn virtual tree! lol :) OK, back to the sweetness, I miss you baby and want you to know how very special and important you are to me. I look forward to growing with you and experiencing our exciting future together. MUAH!

Update 1/8/09...We are still going strong. Our love, understanding and belief in one another will help us weather any storm. Yet I miss you baby. I desire an even deeper, more soulful connection with you. I know for sure you are my 5th person. The patience, love and passion that you exude definitely do not go unnoticed. I appreciate your guidance, however stubborn I am when you are expressing it and I know you mean well and want us to thrive. As do I. I love you baby, I look forward to the next chapter in our lives. It can only get better from here. :) Each day gets better, I'll never let you go. Sexy Butt, I love you!

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