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Forest of Love - Tree #6763

This tree was planted on Saturday, March 3rd 2012

This tree belongs to SNEHA and AVINASH.

 More Information:

My husband, my bundle of joy here’s a start to my endless love for you without questions. You bring me more joy and sunshine than you can ever comprehend- and there isn’t a time when you can’t put a smile on my face; and if I am half of that to you, I would be proud. To the world, and to me, you are my best friend, my love, my world, my baby and my most prised possession, I wouldn’t give you up for the world, nothing can do us apart. Hoping that this is the best birthday yet. Want you to have a great day. Happy birthday baby !

I LOVE YYYOU SOOOOOO MUCH BABY ! Wish I could be there with you in this special day..
I want you to have the best birthday ever ! 'Cos that's what you deserve, nothing but the best :*

Now this is a little scavenger hunt kind of thing. You have to follow onto the lead I give you att the end and it'll take you to the next thing..

My. Perrfect little birthday boy :* You mean the world to me !

NEXT : Go to my Facebook inbox and you'll see the next thing there. (FB password : Avi1420 )

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