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Forest of Love - Tree #6899

This tree was planted on Thursday, March 29th 2012

This tree belongs to Mhariana Sellars and David McConway.

 More Information:
i love you with all my heart
you have given me such pleasure
i felt it from the start
you are my one true treasure
i will never mistreat you
for you are my one true love
there are not enough words, to describe the effect u have on me
you make it easy to be myself, and its you who set me free
you are just so amazing, i cant believe how good you make me feel
i was scared this was only just a dream, but you assured me this was real
when you told me how you really felt, i had difficulty trying to breathe my heart began to beat much faster,the thought of your sexy arms around me and your hand in mine is just so sweet
we connect on many levels babyand its just so amazing to have such a handsome hunk like you.
soon enough youll be in my arms falling fast asleep.weve talked about what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger, your open and your willing to tell me how you truly feel your amazingly gorgeous and you care for me , i can hardly believe your real but the day will come when i look into your sexy gorgeous eyes and tell you face to face that your my true love!

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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