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Forest of Love - Tree #7130

This tree was planted on Wednesday, May 23rd 2012

This tree belongs to Jessica and Rodney.

 More Information:
Here are some things that will always remind me of our first year dating.- I love you Paczki! - Ready for this?.... Chesley's, of course, Me kicking my feet in bed, Best "non" blind date EVA, Kelly's Wedding, "Want to be EXCLUSIVE?", Outback and Silkys, A spartan key to your house, Knocking over doors, Painting naked (you), The bathroom project, "You can't keep living like this!", Tater Tot and French Fry, Lunches at my work, "I more than like you!", MOMD, Litmus, Bridesmaids (our first flick), Tracy's Wedding, Spoons, November 18th, "Strep throat carrier", swimming at the Koski's and you couldn't get out of the pool, Scarves, Litmus, WHOOO???, Ribs, Making our own pizza, Parks, Rock climbing, Biking, Indoor picnic with REAL grass!, Surprise flowers for no reasons, Dangerous Territory, Rodney? Is he black?, Dog walks, Movie and Wine nights, Shiraz, A quiet 2012 New Years Eve, Lions game, Mel's Cottage, TUNA CAN!!!, "I think I want some of something!" Hunger Games, "It's Fine!", St. Patty's Day Race (my first 5k), Airplane ride to NYC, NYC, Our first musical (Lion King), Central Park, Wine in water bottles, "Do you want to do me?" -- One year ago today at 6:05pm, my life changed. Cheers to us now, forever and always.

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"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination" - Voltaire
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